How to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow your Business on Twitter?

Influencer plays a vital role in the selling of your product on social media. It is assumed that 20 to 25 percent of products are sold due to Influencers impact on buyers’ decision. Because most of the potential customers purchase any product when it is recommended by a person whom they trust rather than the ads made by any company. In this new age digital world, still, people make their belief on the product which is recommended by their friends and family. According to the research made by Twitter which shows that 49 percent of consumers purchase a product after taking the guidance from the social media influencer marketing. And 20 percent of people says that tweet which made by them inspired them about the product. This all data shows one thing that most of the people purchase things due to the influencer Tweet. Influencer marketing

Who are the social media Influencer?

Influencer means someone who influences others for something. And the social media influencer means people who influence the people for something using social media platform. To influence people, most of the companies take the help of a celebrity to influence people. But this is a digital age where common people become the celebrities with the help of social media followers. So it is important for the company to learn how to increase influencer for their marketing on Twitter. So you must be thinking that how to make influencer for your brand on Twitter. Making influencer is one of the important parts of your marketing strategy. This is the new approach for your brand advertisement. You can make influencer through your content strategy and create a good brand image which will create a good brand reputation.


Cover More Audience Through influencer Channel

Target more audience Influencer marketing is one of the best media. Work with social media influencer create a content and they will share that content on their wall. This will help your business to target a new audience. Which is difficult to cover from your own social media account.

Hire Influencer to boost your Ads using Your Channel

Hire the influencer to boost your content through your channel. This will create a better impact on your audience and will generate traffic directly to your website.

Make a Relationship

As a marketer, your focus is on the profit of your business which is provided by the influencer. But creating a good relationship with your Influencer will bring more glory to your brand.

But How to Reach potential Influencer on Twitter?

To get right influencer for your marketing on Twitter you have to considered 3R Relevance: Influencer shares your content and generate traffic for your business And help you to fulfill your market segment. Reach: Sometimes your business could not reach more audience. So your Influencers followers base should be more show that they would bring value to your business. Resonance: Influencer for your brand must having the capability to bring a right audience for your brand.


In this new age of business, influencer becomes the new path for the advertisement or generating traffic for your brand. They are the expert who helps your to get better rank in the field of business. The above mention is the some of the key factors which you can use for the Influencer Marketing. On the Twitter platform, Influencer marketing gives your business new height of success.


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