Why 80% of celebrities’ fame is dependent on Twitter followers?

This is an era where most of the celebrities are less concerned about their work’s review but much worried for their followers. Twitter has truly changed the game when we talk about Social networking fame and fortune. Twitter has made easy to be a popular celebrity. If you use Twitter correctly, you can really create a career for yourself as a social media superstar. In the recent few years, there has been great hullabaloo in social media regarding the number of followers.

The trend to follow the favorite celebrity has been grown so much these days. Well, the effect of the following can be positive and negative too. I have seen many people who follow his/her favorite celebrity blindly. They keep their eyes on each and every update of their favorites with the help of Twitter. Celebrities are not much concerned about their follower’s activity but increasing the number of followers.


Mainly celebrities use their Twitter accounts to post updates on upcoming events they are attending, what’s happening in their life and about which their fans may be interested. A single tweet of celebrity is much important for the fans and followers. Mostly actors, performers, well-known artists, and singers are the Twitter users but these days some of the leaders have been included in the list.

It has been calculated that 80% of celebrities’ fame is dependent on Twitter followers. The effect of followers on filmstars is huge. Followers play an important role in making a film blockbuster and flop too.

Below are the list of top 3 celebrities and had also discussed the reason of their fame which is dependent on Twitter followers.

1: Katy Perry

Katy Perry becomes the most popular person on Twitter with a whopping more than 91.6 million followers. This 31-year-old singer who created her account in 2009 has been crowned as the queen of Social Networking site after she became the first person to reach 91M followers.

Earning the followers is not an easy job and now the fame of Katy Perry is completely dependent on increasing or decreasing the number of her Twitter followers. She made her best effort to be on the top of the list. The reasons for having millions of follower are her incredible talent, social conscience, sense of humor, famous friends and well-known as John Mayer’s girlfriend. Katy is the brand ambassador and spokesmodel for many products like Proactive, CoverGirl, H&M holiday. It enhances the growth of twitter marketing. Product lovers are also included in the list of the follower.


2: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber continues to break Twitter milestones with his follower count up to 86 million. This child actor has continued his fame and balanced his followers very well on Twitter. Being in the second position is a tough task and more is to maintain the position.

The source to be famous is grabbing more followers on Twitter. Justin’s tweet and picture can affect his popularity very much. Followers keep updating always and Justin’s follower is always waiting for his latest album and video shoot. The reason for having a number of followers can be his consciousness on Twitter and thousands of tweet or may be his tattoos on the body. Justin Bieber promotes a brand like Calvin Klein and skin care products and it can be the reason of increased number of his followers.


3: Taylor Swift

The famous pop singer has reached the third position on Twitter with 80 million followers. This 27-year-old girl has won millions of heart and yet million to win. The music lovers have followed Taylor Swiftblindly to rank her in the top.

There is a key role of followers in Taylor’s popularity. The way she manages her audience and fans are just marvelous. The reason for leading with millions of follower may be her best effort for music from teen age only. Taylor is the brand ambassador of Diet coke and some of her Twitter followers are also included in the list of Diet coke’s follower.



Twitter gives a large platform to the celebrities. Followers make their rank and the work of these celebrities is just to manage the rank and followers.



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