How Twitter updates Provide Your Business The Breakthrough

In the month of May after announcing regular updates to be rolled out soon. Twitter finally came up with several updates fixing issues and improving user experiences. Through latest Twitter updates, it has released a few brand new features. That will completely make your experiences go from wimpy to wow!!

However, does it stand a chance to benefit your business? Well for that you have to go through this blog. Where I will be introducing you to latest Twitter updates. And simultaneously telling you about their usage for Twitter marketing. So stay intact and follow up with these.

  • Twitter updates Come Up With Emoji keyword targeting for Twitter Ads:

With the Twitter Ads feature hitting the market lately, it was possible to advertise on Twitter. However, it’s implementation seemed to be tough for many. For now with Twitter updates coming up with this fascinating Emoji targeting feature, is sure to benefit most marketers.

Twitter updates Come Up With Emoji keyword targeting for Twitter Ads

This Emoji targeting feature will allow most advertisers on Twitter to collaborate with its official partners. And reach out to the mass in order to express their sentiments and passion for Twitter marketing. This can turn out to be a very innovative way to improve your targeting abilities. And might help you drive more traffic to your website. Thus offering even better performance for your brands on Twitter.

  • Twitter updates bring in New Live button to the world of Twitter Marketing:

Since the launch of Facebook’s Live button, Twitter too was bound to join in the party. Thus it was not surprising to see Twitter promoting Periscope’s usage. As many got crazy about this live action, with Twitter updates adding a new live button to the Twitter app on iOS and Android platform. It has become way easier for brands and people to go live. Thus magnifying your reach and helping your business to stand out in the crowd. Thus brands can definitely utilize this opportunity and give their Twitter marketing efforts the necessary boost.

Twitter updates bring in New Live button to the world of Twitter Marketing

  • Twitter updates introduces you to Self-Retweet and Self-Quote:

Are most of your Tweets simply going unnoticed? Do your Tweets require that extra organic boost?

Fortunately, this latest feature can resolve your Tweeting issues. With Twitter updates coming along with dedicated Retweet button. It has become way easier for any individual or brand to Retweet or simply quote themselves just by simple clicks. This feature seems to be so much beneficial that most were anticipated about it. Thus it can help your content to curate successfully and enhance your business outreach.

Twitter updates introduces you to Self-Retweet and Self-Quote

  • Twitter updates Enhance Your User Experience On Smartphones:

With smartphones usage rising every now and then, people also look for better experience with apps. Keeping this point in mind, Twitter updates unleashed a totally new look for Twitter application for Androids. This new modification came along with an easier flow of usage. Along with quick menu navigation and Tweet Now – floating button.

Twitter updates Enhance Your User Experience On Smartphones

As most users nowadays have smartphones social media websites should always be focused on making their application experience way better than before. So this is certainly a great news for both individuals as well as brands. With more people on the network, requirements of a free flowing application usage becomes necessary. So, this feature is bound to help out marketers and brands seamlessly enhancing their Twitter marketing experience.

  • Twitter updates to Introduce New Notification Setups For Better Twitter marketing:

Twitter seemingly announced to come up with newer ways to control the user experience. With Twitter updates introducing this amazing notification attribute. It will soon become easier to have a further control over what you see? And with whom to interact?

Marketers can certainly leverage this option as it will facilitate you to filter your audience notifications and act accordingly. Besides it is also said to come with a ‘Quality filter’ setting. So these features are surely going to give users a better notifications management experience. And certainly, establish itself as an ally for modified Twitter marketing strategy.


So in this blog, you got a detailed idea about all latest Twitter updates, that have been rolled out. And those yet to hit your smartphones and get viral. You also got a brief idea regarding the usage of these for Twitter marketing.

Thus, if this post seems to benefit you in any way, do share your experiences through the comment section. Do you have any experience with Twitter Automation Tool? Did it work out for your business?


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