Should We Consider Twitter To Be A Marketing Tool?

Should we consider Twitter to be a marketing tool? Is it only for those people who are having a lot of time on their hands to spend on it? To be very honest I was an initial user of Twitter at the beginning and after that, I moved away from it. Initially, I couldn’t see the value. I have researched a lot on it and recently I have changed my views regarding Twitter as it is the way of getting instant public messages from your audience. It doesn’t matter whether these audiences is potential customers or colleagues.

Now, Twitter is becoming one of the most expanding platforms for online conversation and communication. From a survey, it has found that Twitter is receiving 8 million of visitors per month and more than 500 million of messages is posted daily.

How can we use Twitter as a Marketing Tool?

Such a wise question. We can use Twitter in many ways. Let me explain some of those here. So let’s proceed;

  • Twitter as a Learning Tool:

Yes, you have seen exactly what I mean to say. You can use Twitter as a learning tool. As I have mentioned above that over 500 million posts are being posted on Twitter every day. Is your company mentioned in any of them? Are you? What about your products and your company? Don’t worry. You have reached at a right place at this perfect time. Twitter carries a search engine which allows you to search for a particular company name, topic, brand name etc. Even you can search personal names there also. You can use that search engine on a regular basis and can gather information regarding the same.

  • Twitter as a Media Outlet:

Twitter as Media outlet

You can use Twitter as a publishing tool. You can post news, details or updates regarding your product or company. You can share your success stories and awards here also. But one thing you should keep in mind that you must be familiar with Twitter. Know all the features, formats and etiquette of Twitter. After that post your link with the details and the full content of the update or news. Wait and check how your followings will grow at a faster rate.

  • Twitter as a Promotional Place:

Twitter as a Promotional Place

It is vital to remember that Twitter is all about breaking news and conversation. It is the best way to promote your product or company with updates and latest news. If you are posting some promotional information, then it is important to note that it should not be personal. If it is personal, then you must hide your personal data and information as it is a public place where millions of followers are following you every day. So be aware of that.

  • Create your own character for your brand:

Twitter is the best marketing place where you can promote your product and brand with your personality and voice. Understood? No.. Well, I am saying that Twitter is the only platform where you can promote your own brand or company with a personality. Twitter provides a voice and personality to your brand which makes your brand unique. If you want to be successful on Twitter, then you need put efforts on your personality and have to make a unique style. That is what makes your product and company different and can increase your Twitter following. So Twitter is the suitable and successful marketing tool.

Final Words:

Now you can say that Twitter is the best marketing tool and it is the best way to promote your business. Now it’s all upon you. It depends on how wisely you are using Twitter to promote your product and can be able to get more and more followers. I hope I was able to give some ideas regarding Twitter. Share your views with us and follow our blogs for more information.


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